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March 8, 2023

MOYU supports Initiative for Sustainable and Responsible Business Conduct (IDVO)

Author: Roel Schatorjé, Februari 2023

Consumers are expected to keep their ecological footprint in check by shopping sustainably, reduce waste and reduce emissions. We are being told that we are all responsible for the damage being done to our planet. At the same time products seem to be made not to last and trying to find a product in the supermarket that is not wrapped in plastic is a challenge. When products like this are being made, is it fair to expect consumers to make the right choice?

What is IDVO?

Initiative for Sustainable and Responsible Business Conduct (IDVO) is a coalition of businesses, academics, religious organisations, trade unions and civil society organisations. Together they advocate for legislation in the Netherlands that ensures the environment and human rights are respected throughout companies’ value chains. By making producers responsible for the practices in their value chain, making the right decision will become a no-brainer for consumers. Obviously, MOYU fully supports this initiative!

All-in for nature

MOYU was created with a vision to once live on an even greener planet and to give nature a hand. Voluntarily we are going all-in to ease the burden on mother nature. By making products that have less negative impact on the environment (less emissions, water-use and logging), that last longer because they are rewritable up to 500 times and by planting a tree for every notebook sold. We do this because we believe that the best thing to do with money, is to give it back to nature. Unfortunately, voluntary commitment is not enough in most cases and many companies’ value chains still directly and indirectly contribute to terrible working conditions and insufficient consideration for the environment. This is why we support IDVO and want binding rules that ensure companies in the Netherlands tackle issues regarding human rights and the environment in their value chains.

Everything comes at a cost

Many producers do not consider societal and natural costs that making their products entail. Loss of biodiversity, polluting water and processing waste are all examples of indirect costs (or externalities). In most cases, a producer only pays the financial costs of a certain good or product, which makes these externalities someone else’s problem. By supporting IDVO’s legislation we hope producers will be held accountable for all costs their products entail. For example, by looking at ‘true pricing’ and determining a fair and all-inclusive price for products.

Clean up your own mess

We are all living on the same planet and all of us need nature for our existence. What good is a big pile of money when the earth is destroyed? Pointing the finger at the consumer because they buy a polluting product makes no sense to us, so that is why we are in favour of this legislation. By holding the producer accountable, we tackle the root of the problem and create awareness for both companies and consumers. And if anyone is not yet voluntarily cleaning up their own mess, to make them. Because the world would be a better place if everyone did.

Do you also want binding rules for companies in the Netherlands to ensure they respect people and the planet? You can apply here: fill out the form!

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March 8, 2023

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