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Discover the brand new WWF x MOYU Collection

For a world full of green!

As requested by many of you, we've expanded the original WWF x MOYU collection with four new designs.

These designs were chosen by the MOYU Community.

Let's stop paper waste together!

Every minute, 30 football fields of forest are being chopped down worldwide. That's 4 billion trees a year. In other words: an incredible amount of trees! If this deforestation continues at this speed, there will be no more rainforest in 80 years time, and life on Earth as we know it today will be impossible. It's scary, but true.

Therefore, we must do something and stop deforestation together.

In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we have designed this exclusive collection of rewritable stone paper notebooks to take a stand against global tree felling and massive paper waste. Each booklet is made with love for nature. Which means:

♻️ Tree-free and sustainably produced

💰 We donate 3-5 euros to WWF per sold notebook

🌳 We plant 1 tree per sold notebook

Erasable Notebook: WWF x MOYU | Ring Binder A5



WWF x MOYU | Erasable Notebook | Premium A5



Your choice matters

By switching to a stone paper notebook, you are helping nature more than you may realize. Thanks to you:

🌎 Trees, water and CO2 emissions are saved

🌳 A new tree is being planted

💰 3 to 5 euros will be donated to WWF to support its nature projects

💭 Other people around you will be inspired and made to think about their choices

💡 And you will notice that you will make more and more conscious choices yourself!

A world full of green

Our dream? A world full of green! A world in which the vast majority of forest areas are protected and only a small part is used for making wooden products. This way, biodiversity remains intact and plants, flowers, trees and animals can fully grow and flourish!

However, that green world stands or falls with the choices of each individual. And to make the right choices, awareness is desperately needed. That's why, together with WWF, we want to draw more attention to the massive global tree felling and its harmful consequences.

We hope to inspire and activate you with our collection to change your daily choices or habits. Together we create a healthy, green-colored world.


We are happy with the cooperation with MOYU and that we can offer a good alternative to regular paper. It would be fantastic if, in the future ,there would be no need for paper at all for notebooks. There would be a lot less deforestation as a result. Creative solutions like this make the difference.

- Perry Stinis (WWF)



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