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It’s Fresh! Box


    ✓ The right Christmas box for a fresh start of the new year

    ✓ Full of sustainable, fair and fine products

    ✓ Including 1 planted tree per Christmas box for extra impact!

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Professional order? Please contact or call +316 34221710. Shipping is possible to several addresses (home). Depending on quantities and the "early bird" discount which is valid until 31 October, prices vary between €29-38, excluding VAT.

Your box for a brand new day.

With the It's Fresh! Box, you give your employees a fresh start to the new year. This carefully composed Christmas box contains sustainable, fair products that contribute to a sustainable (and clean!) world.

In this Christmas box you’ll find:

✓ MOYU Hardcover Notebook A5: Dear Daisy

With this erasable notebook your employees steal the show and together you save kilos of paper. Each notebook is 100% tree free and can be rewritten up to 500 times.

✓ Pineut Cold Brew Iced Tea: Sweet Sunshine

With every sip of Pineut Iced Tea, you get a dose of sunshine. Comes in the delicious taste Sweet Sunshine: a combination of sustainable mango and healthy green tea. Ice cold is the best (also in winter!).

✓ Seepje Dishwashing Liquid Sparkling Jasmine (Small)

Seepje stands for sustainable, fresh and clean. Seepje only uses packaging made of 97% recycled plastic and makes the most honest soap based on wax peels from Nepal. Not only good for the environment, but also for your dishes!

✓ Max's Organic Mints (14gr)

The Netherlands’ only real vegan, organic & 100% natural mint. Gives you a wonderfully fresh and green feeling at the same time!

✓ Paul and Pippa Handmade Artisan Crackers (130 gr)

These handmade vegan crackers based on fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil from Paul and Pippa are too delicious for words. Finger-licking-good! Packed in a stylish box and indispensable at the Christmas dinner table.

✓ 1 x Tree planted in collaboration with Trees For Kenya

This Christmas box is not finished without planting a new tree in collaboration with our local partner Trees For Kenya. We plant 1 tree per box. In this way we contribute to a green world together!

Frequently Asked Questions
A sustainable Christmas Box... is that possible?

If we could, we would save all the forests of the world. The more ambitious the better.

Our mission is to stop single use paper and paper waste. In addition, we protect and plant as many trees as possible, so that the local and global ecosystems can be kept protected and thrive like they should.

More information can be found on our Mission page.

Very simple. Write, erase, scan and repeat!

Step 1: Write

Write or draw on the stone paper with our MOYU pen. After 8-12 seconds, the ink has dried, so you no longer have to worry that it will smudge.

Step 2: Erase

If you want to erase the text, it is best to do this with a damp cloth. This cloth is automatically included with your order. Let the page dry for the best effect (or dry it yourself with a dry cloth).

Step 3: Scan

If you don't want to lose your notes, we recommend scanning them. This is possible with various free apps. Check out our top 4 Best Free Scan Apps here!

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat till you drop! 😄

Stone paper is a sustainable alternative to normal "pulp" paper.

It is composed of 80% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 20% HDPE plastic. This plastic serves as a binding agent and is easily biodegradable. The stone paper feels firmer and slightly smoother than normal paper, which creates a super smooth writing experience. It is also tear and water resistant. With a damp cloth you can wipe clean every page in an instant. Because the paper is sturdy, you can rewrite every page up to 500 times.

You can read more information about stone paper on our Stone paper page.

Stone paper is most likely new to you. You may be wondering: what's the use of writing on stone paper at all?

The advantages of erasable stone paper:

✓ The production process is much more economical and sustainable compared to pulp paper
✓ You save trees, water, energy and CO2 emissions
✓ Stone paper is tear-resistant and water-resistant
✓ Erasing your notes gives a clear overview of your work, plus a wonderfully tidy-and-cleaned-up feeling
✓ Stone paper is Cradle-to-Cradle recyclable: no new materials are needed

The more people switch to stone paper, the bigger and stronger the fight against paper waste and deforestation becomes.

When will you switch?

Read more about stone paper on our Stone Paper page.

Producing, transporting and recycling pulp paper is a very intensive process. It takes a lot of water, CO2, energy and trees. In addition, huge numbers of trees are being felled for the paper industry, leading to degraded and infertile soils, devastated habitats for humans and animals, warming up of the area, desertification, climate change and a decline in biodiversity.

Stone paper is currently the most sustainable solution for regular pulp paper. No trees, water or chemicals are used and because the paper is rewritable, it will last for years.

Compare the production of a ton of stone paper with the production of a ton of regular pulp paper:

• 18 trees saved → oxygen for 40 people for a whole year

• 949 kg less CO2 emissions → 4,250 km by car, e.g. from Amsterdam to Jerusalem

• 2,770 liters of water saved → more than 4 years of drinking water for 1 person

• 17.1 Gigajoules less energy consumed → 1.5 years of energy for an entire household

• 0 harmful chemicals needed → normally used to kill microbes and whiten paper

Due to the properties of the stone paper in combination with our special pen, each page is erasable up to 500 times.* It is therefore not only a more sustainable, but also cheaper alternative, because you only need one notebook instead of several.

* Ink from regular pens is not erasable.

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