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Writing-into-the-Future Box


    ✓ The perfect Christmas box for a productive start of the year

    ✓ Packed with sustainable, erasable stationery items with positive impact

    ✓ Including delicious Tony's bar and a planted tree

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Welcome to the future!

With this Christmas box full of erasable, stone paper stationery items, writing becomes a completely new experience: sustainable, tree-free and very future-proof.

In addition, on erasable stone paper you’ll work up to 80% more efficiently than on regular paper. This box is therefore not only good for the world, but also for the productivity within your organization or company!

In the Writing-into-the-Future Box you’ll find:

✓ MOYU Hardcover Notebook A5: Beyond Blue

With this erasable notebook your employees steal the show and together you save kilos of paper. Each notebook is 100% tree free and can be rewritten up to 500 times.

✓ MOYU Productivity tool: Month Planner A4

Planning has never been easier, thanks to the Month Planner in A4 size. Plan, erase, and plan again! You use this planner every month, so throwing your planners away is a thing of the past.

✓ MOYU Productivity tool: To Do List A4

With a To Do List in A4 size, you have plenty of space for your to do’s. Has a task been completed? Then you erase the ink and use the paper again. Throwing away lists is now a thing of the past.

✓ Tony Chocolonely (Caramel Sea Salt)

Tony's: a delicious milk chocolate bar from Tony Chocolonely filled with pieces of caramel and a hint of sea salt. Guaranteed success with all your employees!

✓ 1 x Tree planted in collaboration with Trees For Kenya

This Christmas box is not finished without planting a new tree in collaboration with our local partner Trees For Kenya. We plant 1 tree per box. In this way we contribute to a green world together!

This it how it works
Frequently Asked Questions
A sustainable Christmas Box... is that possible?
  1. Step 1
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  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4

Step 1: Write

Write on the stone paper with the supplied MOYU pen. This pen contains the original Frixion ink. Note: ink from regular pens is not erasable.

Step 2: Scan

Do you want to save your notes? Then scan your notes with one of our favorite free scanning apps. Then save them to the cloud or Drive.

Step 3: Erase

Dampen the supplied cloth with some water, or use the MOYU spray bottle to moisten the stone paper. Then wipe the ink off with the cloth.

Step 4: Repeat

Write again and again in your notebook, up to 500 times!

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