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Flashcards | Set of 100 pieces | Efficient and sustainable studying!



    ✓ Set of 100 pieces in practical storage box

    ✓ Comes in the colors: blue, yellow, green & red

    ✓ Learn better, faster and more sustainably

    ✓ A7 size cards (10.5 cm x 7.4 cm)

    ✓ Lined on both sides

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Studying has never been both so easy and sustainable, thanks to the MOYU Flashcards! The cards come in a set of 100 pieces, packed in a practical storage box. You'll receive 25 cards of each color.

With flashcards you learn better and faster, because it forces you to distinguish main and side matters. You'll also learn to formulate your answer succinctly – which is exactly what teachers are looking for.

That is how it works:

. On the front of the flashcards, you write a word, meaning or question. Write the answer on the back.

. Test yourself by reading the front cover and remembering the answer on the back. You can also do this the other way around.

& Erase! Practice until you know the answers to the questions. If there are cards that come very easily to you, you can erase the ink and write down a more difficult question… ;-)

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