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Jopp's mission: Linking motivated students to top employers and retaining employees for the long term.

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Jopp's work

Jopp links motivated students and starters to top employers. In this way, Jopp helps companies to find well-performing students and the students in return can kick start their careers. Jopp's employees have a beautiful view from the IJ-tower (Amsterdam).


To thank its employees, Jopp was looking for a sustainable and authentic Christmas gift for the employees. MOYU perfectly matched those wishes. Jopp chose to have A5 notebooks personalised. The booklets feel sturdy and symbolize the sustainable relationship that Jopp wants to maintain with its employees and partners.


At first, Jopp had some doubts about how sustainable MOYU's products would really be. However, those doubts instantly disappeared when team Jopp got their hands on the books. Maarten Schram (co-founder Jopp) indicates that he is so satisfied about the stone paper notebooks, that they may never have to buy another notebook for Jopp again!

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