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House of Tenders mainly helps other companies with obtaining tenders. HoT mostly focuses on companies that want to register for government contracts.

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HoT mainly focuses on companies that want to tender for government contracts. Cristian speaks to us from the office building in the heart of Utrecht. He indicates that as a Graphic Designer a lot of drawings, notes and quick sketches are made. The paper used for this often ended up in the trash after digitizing the sketches. That way a lot of paper was wasted in the end.

MOYU perfectly meets the need to throw away less paper. Because the text on pages is easy to erase and the paper can be rewritten up to 500 times, House of Tenders now uses way less or even no pulp paper at all. We are happy and secretly quite proud that we've been able to help House of Tenders in the mission to be a paperless office in the short term.

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