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About MOYU

We, team MOYU, are a scale-up company committed to combating single use paper and paper waste. We also want to protect and restore forests, biodiversity and ecosystems.

We do this by selling stationery made of erasable and rewritable stone paper. This paper is free from trees, water and nasty chemicals. Better for you and for nature! You can read more about stone paper here.

For every MOYU notebook sold, we plant a tree in collaboration with Trees For Kenya! 🌳

MOYU was founded by Roel Schatorjé. He wanted to do something about the massive paper waste he witnessed every day when he still worked in the financial sector.

When Roel spent a year living in Kenya, he was inspired by all the stories and saw with his own eyes how degraded the area was. He was eager to contribute and decided to collaborate with Trees For Kenya.

Long story short, once he was back in The Netherlands, he set up MOYU and the rest is history.

If we could, we would save all the forests of the world. The more ambitious the better.

Our mission is to stop single use paper and paper waste. In addition, we protect and plant as many trees as possible, so that the local and global ecosystems can be kept protected and thrive like they should.

More information can be found on our Mission page.

We'd love to introduce ourselves on our Team page!

MOYU is Chinese for “magical place”. By this we mean our planet Earth and your MOYU notebook. The notebook too is a magical place in which you can write down all your thoughts, plans and dreams.

Investing in quality is expensive. But investing in the short term is expensive.

Due to the high quality of stone paper, the writing and erasing experience is not only better, the production is also more durable and the product lasts many years longer. We even see a 75% cost saving after using the notebooks for several years, because 1 MOYU notebook replaces an average of 15 pulp paper notebooks.

Not convinced yet? Then request a sample!

We are ambitious, mission-driven and we are growing fast. Sometimes even a bit too fast.

Our priority is therefore to guarantee the quality of our current collection & service.

Recently, we finally launched our A4 collection and we are currently working hard on setting up a modular collection.

Apart from production-oriented steps, we also increasingly collaborate with companies, organizations and schools. After all, together we can make a bigger impact!

Do you want to take a step with us? View our options for companies!

How does it work

Very simple. Write, erase, scan and repeat!

Step 1: Write

Write or draw on the stone paper with our MOYU pen. After 8-12 seconds, the ink has dried, so you no longer have to worry that it will smudge.

Step 2: Erase

If you want to erase the text, it is best to do this with a damp cloth. This cloth is automatically included with your order. Let the page dry for the best effect (or dry it yourself with a dry cloth).

Step 3: Scan

If you don't want to lose your notes, we recommend scanning them. This is possible with various free apps. Check out our top 4 Best Free Scan Apps here!

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat till you drop! 😄

This differs per MOYU notebook. You'll find the exact lay-out in the product description under each product in the shop.

Our special MOYU pens – filled with the original Frixion ink – are necessary to erase the text flawlessly. The pens are refillable with new refills. If the pen refill is used up, pens or refills can be ordered cheaply. We also offer various colors, such as blue and red. We can make favorable arrangements for regularly recurring (business) orders for pens or refills.

The ink has a drying time of 8-12 seconds. After 8-12 seconds you can move your finger over the text without smudging. At any time after these 8-12 seconds (even after 3, 6 or 12 months) you can remove everything with a damp cloth without leaving stains or other traces. 😊

With a damp cloth!

Not soaking wet. Although that’s possible too. We prefer to dip our cloth in some water and then wipe the page clean again. Or we use the MOYU.

Please wait a moment to rewrite the page until the page is dry. And .. you're good to go!

Need a new cloth? Purchase a new Cleaning Cloth here.

Stone paper has a cradle to cradle certificate and is a circular product. Therefore, never throw away your notebook, but return it to us. Learn all about this circular chain on our stone paper page.

Stone paper

Stone paper is a sustainable alternative to normal "pulp" paper.

It is composed of 80% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 20% HDPE plastic. This plastic serves as a binding agent and is easily biodegradable. The stone paper feels firmer and slightly smoother than normal paper, which creates a super smooth writing experience. It is also tear and water resistant. With a damp cloth you can wipe clean every page in an instant. Because the paper is sturdy, you can rewrite every page up to 500 times.

You can read more information about stone paper on our Stone paper page.

Stone paper is most likely new to you. You may be wondering: what's the use of writing on stone paper at all?

The advantages of erasable stone paper:

✓ The production process is much more economical and sustainable compared to pulp paper
✓ You save trees, water, energy and CO2 emissions
✓ Stone paper is tear-resistant and water-resistant
✓ Erasing your notes gives a clear overview of your work, plus a wonderfully tidy-and-cleaned-up feeling
✓ Stone paper is Cradle-to-Cradle recyclable: no new materials are needed

The more people switch to stone paper, the bigger and stronger the fight against paper waste and deforestation becomes.

When will you switch?

Read more about stone paper on our Stone Paper page.

Producing, transporting and recycling pulp paper is a very intensive process. It takes a lot of water, CO2, energy and trees. In addition, huge numbers of trees are being felled for the paper industry, leading to degraded and infertile soils, devastated habitats for humans and animals, warming up of the area, desertification, climate change and a decline in biodiversity.

Stone paper is currently the most sustainable solution for regular pulp paper. No trees, water or chemicals are used and because the paper is rewritable, it will last for years.

Compare the production of a ton of stone paper with the production of a ton of regular pulp paper:

• 18 trees saved → oxygen for 40 people for a whole year

• 949 kg less CO2 emissions → 4,250 km by car, e.g. from Amsterdam to Jerusalem

• 2,770 liters of water saved → more than 4 years of drinking water for 1 person

• 17.1 Gigajoules less energy consumed → 1.5 years of energy for an entire household

• 0 harmful chemicals needed → normally used to kill microbes and whiten paper

Due to the properties of the stone paper in combination with our special pen, each page is erasable up to 500 times.* It is therefore not only a more sustainable, but also cheaper alternative, because you only need one notebook instead of several.

* Ink from regular pens is not erasable.

Order & Delivery


Step 1. Go to the webshop.

Step 2. Add your favorite item to your shopping cart.

Step 3. Click on "Proceed to payment" (Update your shopping cart if the amount is incorrect).

Step 4. Check your order & fill in your details.

Step 5. Complete by paying.

That's all! You can expect your order to arrive home within 1-2 (working) days.

In principle, there is always a cloth with your order. With some products (such as the Productivity Tools) you can choose whether or not you want to receive a cloth.

When you moisten the cloth, you'll be able to erase all notes in no time. 100% spotless.

Would you like extra cloths? You can find them here!


Order of > € 40 = Free shipping

Order of < € 40 = € 3,95


Order of > € 60 = Free shipping

Order of < € 60 = € 5,95

→ Rest of the world: Shipping is not yet possible everywhere! However you can check Amazon or other e-commerce platforms for our MOYU notebooks.

You will receive an email from us containing the confirmation and a code to track your order.

When you have ordered an item in the webshop, we ensure that your order is prepared for shipment.

If you have ordered before 16:00, we will ship the order the same day!

Did you make a typo when entering your address details or did you not receive an email?

→ Check your spam box first
→ Are you in doubt or have you really not received anything? Email us at:📧.

We understand that you can't wait for your order to arrive. We therefore do everything we can to get this done as quickly as possible.

In the Netherlands applies:

→ Ordered before 16:00: we ship your order the same day! You will receive your order the next working day.

→ Ordered after 16:00: we will ship your package the next working day. You will most likely receive your order the next day.

Outside the Netherlands applies:

→ We do everything we can, together with our suppliers, to have your order delivered on time. For countries within the EU, you can expect a delivery time of around five working days.

Questions about your order? We are happy to help you. Mail to: 📧.

Cancellation & Return

Did something go wrong with your order? Did you order the wrong pen color? Or don’t you want just one but a thousand MOYU notebooks? 😁

No problem! Let us know as soon as possible and cancel your order by emailing:

Preferably not of course. But surely you can!

If your product arrives to you damaged (which unfortunately happens very very occasionally), then the return costs are of course for us and you will receive a new notebook!

You can return your item within 30 days for other reasons, but the costs for this are at your own expense. Not because we want to be annoying, but because we want to avoid impulse purchases.

The costs for this are:

→ €4.10 in the Netherlands
→ €13.25 in Belgium

We are only happy when YOU are. Returns are therefore possible, but for this we ask a small fee for the shipping costs. Not to be annoying, but to avoid impulse purchases.

The costs for this are:

- Netherlands: €3.95

- Belgium, France, Germany, Spain: €4.95

- The rest of the EU: €8.95

- UK: €5.95

- The rest of the world: €10.95

As soon as we have received your return package, we try to deposit the amount within 24 hours!

Haven't received anything within 3 working days? Let us know and send an email to:

Business and retail

MOYU notebooks are fully customizable and provide years of writing pleasure for the lucky recipient. View the options for MOYU as a Sustainable Promotional Gift right away.

Plenty of options!

We like to work with companies that want to make an impact, just like us.

Our notebooks are:

→ Fully customizable
→ Ideal as an inspiring means of communication
→ Can be used as a business, end-of-year or welcome gift

And you save a lot of paper: our notebooks can be rewritten at least 500 times. You also save a lot of money, because MOYU notebooks last for years.

For more information about our business options, please visit our business page or email 📧.

Success is guaranteed with a MOYU Christmas Box.

Give years of writing pleasure as a gift to your employees or relations. The content of our Christmas Boxes ‘22 can be found on our Christmas Boxes page.

Great news! That makes us happy. Thanks to our products, you can continue writing by hand, as you are used to, without wasting any paper.

Therefore, MOYU fits perfectly with the mission to become a Paperless Office.

Curious what we can do for you? Check out our Business page!

Glad to hear that! 🙌

We aren’t in many stores yet, but we are actively working on that.

Via the Retail page you can see in which stores you can find us.

Do you think we are a good match?
Send an email to and hope to shake hands soon!

We are working hard to offer our products in concept stores & stores. Via the Retail Page you can see where you can find us.

Are you or do you know a retailer who finds our products interesting? Check out our Retail Page or email us at



Cool! We like that.

We are always open to collaborations. Our only real condition is that we both have the same goal in mind: to make a positive impact.

So whether you are an influencer, running a start-up, running a successful business, teaching at a school or doing something else ... We love to work with you! 👐

After all, together we make a bigger and better impact. Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We're always open to talent, creatives & driven colleagues.

Check our vacancies here or send an open application to📧.


Lucky you!

We are jealous.

To use your discount code…

1. First go to the webshop & choose your favorite MOYU product.

2. Go through the steps of the checkout process.

3. Enter your discount code on the payment page.

4. Click on "apply" and voilà! There's your discount.

Happy shopping :-)

We handle your personal data as carefully as possible. You can read all about it in our Privacy Policy.

Sending love letters is always allowed. You can send them to:

MOYU Notebooks
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 144
1096 AD

We don't like to hear that! We do, however, greatly value your honest feedback.

Do you have a complaint? Do you want to return an item? Are you not satisfied with our service?

You can send an email to📧 or fill out this Feedback form for us. Then we will get back to you as soon as possible!

No worries! We are happy to help you.

👉 Send an email to 📧 or a Whatsapp message via the chat window and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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