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Dennis Storm x MOYU

Discover the value of minimalism.

Dennis Storm and MOYU have combined forces to create a three piece collection about minimalisme. The booklets were made with love for nature and with minimalism as a solid base.

Discover what a minimalist lifestyle can do and mean to you personally, and create more space, time and energy for those things that really matter in your life.

The collection

12 Months: Minimalism | Dennis Storm x MOYU | Ring Binder A5



Dennis Storm x MOYU | The Notebook | Ring Binder A5



The Agenda | Dennis Storm x MOYU | Ring Binder A5



12 Months: Minimalism – In twelve months time, you'll learn how to live more minimalistic thanks to this very hands-on activity book packed with inspiring, challenging assignments. Dennis Storm will do his very best to inspire you to make the most out of less.

The Notebook – Discover sustainable stone paper with this erasable, multifunctional notebook. The minimalist design suits the minimalist philosophy of this collection. And, each page of this notebook are rewritable up to 500 times!

The Week Planner - Plan days, weeks, months or even the whole year ahead with this very special erasable weekly planner. With this Week Planner, you can plan your days exactly the way you like it. Is an appointment moved or was it cancelled? Simply erase it! And when the (school)year has finished, you can use the planner again for the years to come.

The Minimalist Bundle - This is the perfect bundle for anyone who wants to (learn to) live in a more minimalistic way and who wants to create more space for the things that really matter in life. This bundle contains the workbook 12 Months: Minimalism, The Notebook and The Week Planner!

More with less

You will embrace minimalism as a lifestyle in which you make conscious choices, so that you can have more space, energy and attention for the really important things in your life – happiness, love and freedom. Decluttering is a good start, but certainly not the end. The more you can say "no" to excess, consumerism, and things that cost more energy than they yield, the more satisfaction you'll find in life!

What makes these booklets so special?

The booklets from the Dennis Storm x MOYU collection are produced in an environmentally friendly way and last for years. For real? Yes really! The pages are made of innovative stone paper, which feels firmer and smoother than regular paper. In addition, you can completely and flawlessly erase the ink with a damp cloth.

For each booklet sold, we plant a tree in collaboration with our partner Trees For Kenya. In addition, these Dennis Storm x MOYU booklets are associated with the non-profit organization Club Kakatua. Club Kakatua launches and supports projects that make our planet greener and healthier.

Dennis Storm X MOYU

Dennis Storm and MOYU have found each other in a shared mission: let's pay more attention to the things that matter. Our family, our friends, but also nature and our living environment. Where MOYU is committed to a more sustainable world, Dennis focuses more on a minimalist lifestyle. Roel (founder of MOYU) and Dennis wanted to combine these two forces and so the idea arose to develop a series of booklets.

The problem behind the paper industry

No less than 40% of the tree felling is used for the paper industry and this industry is responsible for more than 7% of global CO2 emissions. That must and can be done differently. Roel started MOYU 2 years ago with the main goal of combating paper waste through the use of stone paper. On this page you can read more about how MOYU reduces paper waste and what we do to create new ecosystems.

The ultimate goal?

Dennis: “Save the fucking planet! That is very ambitious, but suppose we bet modestly on roughly 10,000 people who will never have to buy a new notebook or agenda from now on. Perhaps not a good business model to earn tons of money with, but that is no longer the point in the world we are working towards.”

Roel adds: “I think people often fear that they will have to sacrifice something when they want to make more sustainable choices, but in fact the opposite is true. By buying and living less and more consciously, you create more space for the things that really matter in your life. And how amazing would it be if more and more people started to experience that for themselves?”

Living from the minimalist mindset is a big step in the right direction to make sustainable and healthier choices for not only ourselves, but for the entire planet.

About Dennis Storm

Dennis Storm traveled the world from 2006 to 2016 for his work as a program maker and presenter of various travel series. He is a great lover of architecture and minimalism and writes for Uitgeverij Spectrum about the beauty of these subjects and what they can mean for us in embracing a green future. These books Dennis Storm has even more to his name:


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