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May 20, 2022

WWF and MOYU are joining forces against felling trees and wasting paper.

Amsterdam - Every minute 30 football fields of forest disappear worldwide. That's 4 billion trees a year. If this tree felling continues at this rate, there will be no more rainforest in 80 years time, and life on Earth as we know it today will be impossible.

Trees are essential for a liveable world. However, for many people this is still unknown or not tangible enough – after all, the felling of trees does not happen directly in front of our eyes. WWF and MOYU have therefore joined forces to draw more attention to mass deforestation. Together they designed a stone paper notebook to show that things can be done differently.

Stone paper is a relatively unknown material and offers a sustainable alternative to regular pulp paper. No trees are cut for production, no water is needed and no bleach is involved. As a result, about 67% less CO2 emissions are released compared to the production of regular paper. In addition, the ink on the stone paper is erasable and the pages can be (constantly) rewritten. In this way, the notebook is also sustainable in use.

The collaboration between WWF and MOYU (a company specializing in the development of stone paper notebooks) came naturally from a shared vision of the planet.

Roel, founder of MOYU explains: “The problem at the moment is that 'nature' mainly has an economic value. We express the value of trees in the amount of wood they produce. We express the value of land in terms of how much agricultural production it produces. But the real value of nature is not yet recognized. We do not yet feel that 'we' are nature and that we need natural areas to survive.”

Perry (WWF) added: “We are pleased to partner with MOYU and to be able to offer a good alternative to regular paper. It would be fantastic if in the future there would be no need for paper at all for notebooks and there would be a lot less deforestation as a result. Creative solutions like this make the difference.”

Both parties hope that stone paper will become known to more people. Perhaps even the 'New Normal'. The most important mission, however, is to create more awareness in society, around the tree felling problem, and to make the urgency tangible to change something. To then show that that change is actually possible.

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May 20, 2022

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