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January 24, 2022

Erasable (Frixion) Pens: how do they work?

You've probably heard of them: erasable pens. Pens with which you can write and erase. The ink can often be erased with an eraser at the end of the pen. Hence the name 'erasable pens'. Erasable pens come in all shapes, sizes and brands. Below we'll tell you everything you need to know about this magical pen type, how it works and what the benefits are of each type.

The Frixion Pilot pen: king of the erasable pens

Let's get straight to the point: the Frixion Pilot Pen is surely the most famous erasable pen. And rightly so, because this pen is available in many colors, sizes and stores. Think of Primera and Bruna, but also Amazon or

How does a Frixion pen work?

Frixion pens are filled with – you guessed it – Frixion ink. This is a heat-sensitive ink that cannot withstand temperatures above 60 degrees. That's why there's an eraser at the bottom end of the Frixion pen: with this eraser you can rub on the ink that's on the paper, which generates heat. This makes the Frixion ink disappear like snow in the sun!

Fun fact: the same erased ink reappears at temperatures below 10 degrees. That means you can put your notebook in the freezer to get your notes back.

What types of Frixion ink exist?

There are three types of Frixion inkt:

1. Advanced oil-based Ink

This ink writes softly and smoothly, and is a modern version of the ink often found in ballpoint pens.

2. Liquid Ink

This dye-based ink gives a fine density and gloss. When you write with it, you maintain a constant line quality. The Frixion Roller Pens are filled with this ink.

3. Gel Ink

This ink is a mix between liquid ink and pigment based ink. Frixion offers this gel ink in various metallic and pastel colors.

The benefits of Frixion pens

Pilot Frixion is already a fairly large brand. As a result, you buy get Pilot Frixion pens in many stores, such as Bruna, Primera or online via Amazon or

In addition, Frixion ink in combination with stone paper is particularly versatile. Because stone paper is water-repellent, and Frixion ink cannot withstand water, it's very easy to erase Frixion ink with a little water. The stone paper remains completely intact, while the ink disappears in no time!

Read more about the combination of Frixion ink and stone paper on this page.

Tip: Frixion ink refills!

The nice thing about Frixion pens is that the ink refills can be replaced. You don't have to buy a new pen. This saves plastic and is therefore more sustainable than pens that are not refillable! View all Frixon pen refills here.

Even more erasable pens

Frixion pens aren't the only erasable pens out there. There are various erasable pens from different manufacturers and brands. We've listed the best-known ones for you below:

⬥ Bambook felt tip pen / Bambook pen

The Bambook pen is actually not a pen, but a marker. The marker is filled with Lumocolor Correctable Ink from Staedtler. This is special ink for smooth surfaces such as laminated sheets, whiteboards and notebooks made mainly of whiteboard and plastic material.

Since Bambook's notebooks have a plastic coating, this ink is perfect for writing and erasing with the eraser on the back! You can also erase the ink from the Bambook marker with a spray and cloth.

⬥ Correctbook pen

Correctbook also uses Lumocolor Correctable Ink from Staedtler. In addition to markers, Correctbook also offers Correctbook pens.

This Lumocolor ink is suitable for Correctbook, because Correctbook notebooks also contain whiteboard pages (with laminated topping).

Also with Correctbook, you can erase the ink with the eraser, or with a separate Correctbook sponge.

⬥ Whiteboard felt tip pens & Whiteboard Pens

And then there are of course whiteboard pens and whiteboard markers. You probably know and have one yourself! With these markers you write on your whiteboard, and then erase the ink again with a (dry) cloth. Examples of well-known whiteboard marker brands are Edding and Velleda.

Which erasable suits you best?

To get you started, we've written an article about erasable notebooks for you. These notebooks are a lot more advanced than regular notebooks and offer a sustainable alternative to pulp paper. Erasable pens are part of this!

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January 24, 2022

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