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July 11, 2022

Three reasons why a sustainable Christmax box always works

Sustainable Christmas boxes in 2022

In the year 2022, giving a Christmas box full of plastic, disposable products and knick-knacks is no longer feasible. Much of the content of the Christmas box will not even be used, and often ends up in the trash in no time.

This should change.

Especially at a time in which you, as a company, bear a great responsibility for the planet and set an example for both your staff and consumers.

What are the criteria for a sustainable Christmas box?

A good question. And one that every company should ask itself. We researched the different types of sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas boxes and gifts out there and found these common denominators:

⚘ More sustainable production

A sustainable Christmas box consists of products that, compared to standard products are, produced more sustainably. In other words: with more care and attention for nature.

In concrete terms, this means that the products are made from more sustainable materials, with less water wastage and/or with fewer CO2 emissions.

⚘ Will last longer

The items in a sustainable Christmas box last longer than average. For example, a steel razor lasts a lifetime (compared to 5 shaves with a disposable blade), a plastic-free shampoo bar is good for many more washes than a bottle of shampoo and an erasable, stone paper notebook replaces about 15 pulp paper notebooks.

⚘ Easy to recycle

The contents of a sustainable Christmas box are easy to recyclable. As nice as it is that a sustainably produced product lasts a long time, if it cannot be recycled or cannot be recycled properly, it will ultimately still cause damage to nature and the planet.

This makes a sustainable Christmas box a great success!

In the online catalog called 'the Internet', you sometimes don't know what to choose anymore. Because how do you determine what a suitable Christmas gift is that all your employees are happy with?

In our experience, we've seen that both the staff and the employer react very positively and surprised to our sustainable Christmas boxes. Frequently mentioned reasons for this are:

1. The contents of the Christmas box are frequently used.

Sustainability is one side of the coin. The other side? Usability. A Christmas box with items that are very sustainable, but have no practical function for most people in daily life… that's useless. So pick products that everyone uses regularly, such as stationery, care products or something as simple as a practical bag.

2. The Christmas box contributes to a better world.

Many employees indicate that receiving a sustainable Christmas gift gives a good, 'green' feeling. As if the world has become a bit better because of this box, instead of worse. This is what makes a sustainable Christmas gift so powerful compared to regular gifts: they really reach the recipient and inspire them to handle the products well and make better choices for the environment.

3. The contents of the Christmas box are personal and original.

On average, sustainable alternatives for certain products are just that: alternative. They are made of different materials than most people know or use and often have an extensive background story, linked to a mission. That makes a sustainable Christmas package very original and authentic.

With some Christmas box, there is also the possibility to personalize the content. For example, we offer personalized erasable notebooks that feel extra personal for the recipient.

Everybody happy thanks to sustainable Christmas gifts

In short: a Christmas box that meets the above pillars is a better choice for the planet and for the employee or recipient. He or she can use the contents of the box for a longer period of time, with better quality items that are often also made in a cleaner way – without chemicals and other toxic substances.

Thank your colleagues with a sustainable MOYU Christmas box!

Have you been inspired to give a sustainable Christmas gift to your staff or colleagues? Take a look at our Christmas page for an overview of our Christmas boxes.

Our Christmas boxes always contain a sustainable, erasable notebook made of tree-free stone paper. You can choose from standard designs, or have them completely personalized according to your wishes, taste and company style.

This way you thank colleagues with a sustainable, original and very personal gift.

At the moment we are still working on the exact content of this year's Christmas boxes. We can tell you more about it by email or telephone. For more info, send an e-mail to

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July 11, 2022

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