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April 16, 2022

Scan and digitize your notes in 4 easy steps!

Scanning your notes with Adobe Scan App

Did you know that digitally scanning your notes is incredibly easy, fast and convenient? It's the ultimate solution for when your MOYU notebook is getting full and you don't want to lose your notes. You can easily save them online and find them on your iPhone or save them as a PDF file.

Scanning is possible with any mobile provider: Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung.. it doesn't matter!

There are dozens of scanner apps online that you can use to digitize your notes. For us, Adobe Scan is definitely number 1. How it works? We'll explain it to you below!

Before we can start scanning, make sure you have the app on your phone (or another device). The scanner app is available for both iOS and Android. Find the Adobe Scan App in your App / Play Store and download the app. Easily create an account with your email address and... let's go!

This is how the Adobe Scan App works:

1. Open your Adobe Scan App. The app will automatically start scanning via the camera on the back of your phone. Make sure there's sufficient light for optimal results.

2. Place the pages you want to scan (easily legible) on the screen. A blue frame appears on the screen. The app places that frame around the entire document as best as it possible can. If you are not satisfied yet, you can adjust the frame.

3. The App automatically rescans so you can digitize multiple documents at once. If you want this to happen, simply follow the previous steps again. Done with scanning? Press the thumbnail of your scanned document at the bottom right with the blue dot.

4. Then you can adjust, rotate, crop again, rearrange or apply a filter to the document. Completely satisfied? Then save your document as a PDF file (top right).

The document will be added to your list. All your subsequent scans will also be visible in this overview.

Tip 1: Change the name of your (PDF) files to get an overview of your scanned items. You can easily merge the files afterwards. You can always save and share PDF files as a JPEG file afterwards.

Tip 2: Sharing is super easy via the "Share” option. This way you can quickly share your notes with your colleagues (or share that delicious recipe with your friends). You can also easily put documents in your Google Drive.

Tip 3: Do you think your colleagues should also switch to stone paper, to prevent paper waste in the workplace? View our options here!

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April 16, 2022

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