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January 24, 2022

The dark side of the paper industry & logging

What's wrong with logging, deforestation and the paper industry?

The use of paper is everyday life for all of us. You may not realize it, but producing paper has a huge downside. Below, we'll explain this downside and tell you about the consequences of massive tree felling.

And: what we can do about it!

The problem behind the paper industry

Unfortunately, the notebooks, notepads and sheets of paper you write on every day aren't as harmless as you might think (or hope). There is a dark dark side to the paper industry.

1. High CO2 emissions

The paper industry is responsible for 7% of all CO2 emissions in the world (that's 3 times more emissions than the total aircraft industry). This is partly due to the amount of machines and factories needed to process all the wood. But also think of the transport that comes with it.

2. Massive tree felling

In addition, the paper industry is one of the biggest causes of tree felling and therefore of the massive deforestation that takes place every day. This deforestation has disastrous consequences for important ecosystems and everything that lives, from ants to humans. Just think of devastated living environments of people and animals, more CO2 and less oxygen in the air and global warming in the longer term..

3. Water usage

Moreover, an enormous amount of water is needed to make paper: on average, about 10,000 liters of water are needed to be able to produce a pack of 500 A4 sheets. That's water that doesn't end up with people who need it to actually live (or: survive!) on. Or it's water that comes from the rivers where animals have to live in or from.

In short: the water that goes to the paper industry can therefore by definition no longer be used for humans and animals.

4. Violation of human and animal rights

Also don't forget the people who live or used to live in the areas where trees are cut down. They lose their home. Their food, their medicines and their roots. This also applies to animals: they are chased away to other areas, where they cannot survive or survive less well, have less food or water at their disposal and know other enemies or prey animals. Finally, also think of the workers who are used to cut these trees: this often happens under appalling conditions, without fair working conditions.

An end to tree felling

Can such an industry be changed from within? MOYU founder Roel stuck to this question. Conclusion: yes, you can!

And so, little by little, the idea arose to set up MOYU: a scale-up company that combats paper waste, felling trees and single use paper. We are full of ambition and want to save as many trees as possible from felling. And plant as many trees as possible.

We do this in collaboration with our loyal partner Trees For Kenya

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January 24, 2022

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