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May 3, 2022

Sustainable Corporate Gifts.

Choose consciously and gift a sustainable corporate gift.

A corporate gift is a perfect way to make an impression. And: a statement.

After all, you give a corporate gift to important (business) relations and staff, often in honor of a special occasion or a holiday. You could opt for a bunch of flowers, gift vouchers or a mouse pad with logo... but whether you really impress someone with that?

Not really.

Therefore, choose consciously and give a corporate gift with a sustainable and personal touch. If you want to give a successful corporate gift in 2022, please follow to the following guidelines:

1. The promotional gift is sustainably produced and easily recyclable

2. The promotional gift lasts a long time and is future-proof

3. The promotional gift is personal and radiates your brand or mission

4. The promotional gift will actually be used by the recipient

5. The promotional gift symbolizes the mutual relationship between you

The relevance of sustainable corporate gifts

As a young company that combats paper waste, we have no doubt that a corporate gift (or any gift for that matter!) should be sustainable and ecologically degradable.

Every minute, 40 football fields of forest are cleared – a third of which is used for the paper industry – and 40% of all plastic products are thrown away after just one month. So, on the one hand, there's massive destruction of habitats, biodiversity and ecosystems goin on. On the other hand, the amount of pollution is increasing by the day.

A corporate gift is an ideal means of counteracting this. By choosing a sustainable corporate gift, you offer the recipient a better alternative than the current single-use and disposable range of products. Moreover, you also inspire the recipient to make green choices themselves that contribute to the future.

Two birds with one stone!

Make an unforgettable impression with a unique, original corporate gift

Fortunately, there is no shortage of sustainable corporate gifts, especially online.

Do you want to surprise your relations with a personal, original and sustainable corporate gift that the recipient probably doesn't yet have or use? Then give an erasable notebook as a gift!

In the Netherlands you will find various providers of erasable notebooks, such as Bambook, Correctbook and of course our own brand: MOYU.

The great thing about an erasable notebook is that it's made of more sustainable material than pulp paper (for example: stone paper), can be reused very often and lasts for months or even years with the recipient. A future-proof corporate gift!

To make the corporate gift personal, you can personalize the erasable notebook and of course print it with your own logo.

The advantages of a custom erasable notebook from MOYU as a corporate gift

A personalised, erasable notebook from MOYU as a corporate gift means:

A sustainable choice – Made from pure limestone, free from trees and 100% recyclable.

A future-proof choice – Each page is rewritable 500 times and will last for years with the recipient.

A personal choice – You can design the cover and interior according to your own wishes, to make sure it's in line with your business.

A financially responsible choice – A MOYU notebook lasts for years and saves no less than 15 pulp paper notebooks on an annual basis.

A practical choice – An erasable notebook is actually used and will not end up in the trash within a few months.

Moreover, with an erasable notebook from MOYU you make a stand against paper waste and deforestation worldwide.

Do you want to know more about the material of our notebooks or how exactly erasable writing works? Then view the Stone Paper page.

Are you curious about our options for a sustainable and personal corporate gift that is guaranteed to score high? Check out the possibilities on our Business Page!

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May 3, 2022
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