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May 20, 2022

The Flipchart Revolution

MOYU introduces the first paper flipchart that prevents paper waste at work.

Amsterdam – Waste of paper in the workplace is rather rule than exception. In fact, 70% of all waste in the workplace consists of paper. Moreover, an average employee in a medium-sized company uses about 10,000 A4 sheets per year. Just that amount of A4 sheets requires 1 tree and no less than 100,000 liters of water. However, this is nothing compared to what is needed for the production of paper flipcharts in A1 size. They contribute significantly to paper consumption and waste in the workplace.

This can and should change, was the conclusion of Amsterdam scale-up company MOYU. This company makes erasable writing products from stone paper, a new type of paper whose main ingredient is limestone. No trees, water or bleach is required to make this type of paper. It's currently still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, while it has a lot of potential.

MOYU founder Roel Schatorjé was surprised that the flipcharts of today have not been renewed and developed for a long time: “They're either made of pulp paper (anything but sustainable) or whiteboard material (which mainly consists of plastic). Two of our interns recently came up with the idea to launch the FlipStone. A flipchart made of stone paper, which feels and writes like pulp paper, but at the same time prevents paper waste in the workplace.”

Stone paper is water-repellent, so the text of the supplied Frixion felt-tip pens can easily be wiped off the FlipStone with a damp cloth. The sheets can then be used again, for years in a row. “Why we didn't come up with this idea before, is still a mystery to me. It really is a godsend. We use it every day in the office!” says Roel. “If we had had this in my previous work, mountains of paper would have been saved.”

The MOYU team naturally hopes that erasable writing on stone paper will one day become the norm – rather today than tomorrow. In this way, huge tracts of land full of precious forests and billions of liters of water could be saved, which would of course do our Earth good.

Roel: “We hope to use the FlipStone to tackle paper waste in the workplace and to introduce people to stone paper as a fine and sustainable alternative to pulp paper. It could really make a difference and it fits perfectly with the many sustainable developments that are currently (and fortunately) going on. This is exactly the type of development that more people need to hear about!”

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May 20, 2022

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