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Write. Rewrite. Reforest.

Erasable Stone Paper Notebook

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Rewritable up to 500 times

Rated by customers with a 9.2

Plant a tree for every book sold

Discover our Nature Collection

Midnight Mountain / Premium Hardcover

Erasable Notebook A5 | (Premium) Hardcover | Ring-binder


Purple Paradise / Premium Hardcover

Erasable Notebook A5 | (Premium) Hardcover | Ring-binder


Go Green / Hardcover

Erasable Notebook A5 | (Premium) Hardcover | Ring-binder


New Navy / Hardcover

Erasable Notebook A5 | (Premium) Hardcover | Ring-binder


"Great. So happy with this. I literally write on any piece of paper I can find. This solves my paper mess and inspires me to write more."

★★★★★ Mariandel B

"Wonderful product. You can write smoothly and erase just as easily. Afterwards, the booklet looks completely like new again. Good quality, beautiful design and a handy layout. :-)”

★★★★★ Inge

"Wow! What a super useful and practical notebook. The ink is very easy to erase and your notebooks looks all new again. Happy with it!"

★★★★★ Sabine

Stone paper is the sustainable alternative to pulp paper. It's completely free of trees and offers endless possibilities!

  • 500 times rewritable
  • Smooth writing experience
  • Cradle-to-Cradle recyclable
  • Water-resistant and tearproof
  • Made with love for nature

A world full of green

We stand up to paper waste and deforestation. At the same time, we're planting new trees and supporting local ecosystems. And all this with just one stroke of a pen! Will you join us?

These organizations already chose to make a green contribution


"We are happy with the collaboration with MOYU and that we can offer a good alternative to regular paper. It would be great if in the future no paper is needed at all for notebooks and there is therefore a lot less deforestation. Creative solutions like this make all the difference."

Perry - eCommerce Manager


"The decisive choice for us was that within bloomon we pay a lot of attention to sustainability and this is an easy way to reduce our paper waste. MOYU has enabled us to buy fewer paper notebooks and the notebooks also give an extra touch to the employee experience."

Police (Dutch)

"We chose MOYU because of the durability of the booklets and the fact that you can really use one booklet for the long term. In addition, the fact that you can personalize the booklet and the inside is varied (diamonds / lines / blank / dotted)."

Stop paper waste for good and connect your company to our mission.

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