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It's Easter Egg Hunting Time!

Find 3 easter eggs on our website to unlock a 20% discount + a chance at a €50 gift card.

First 25 to the eggs

What is Easter without a good old-fashion egg hunt?

We've hidden 3 digital eggs somewhere on the website.

Crack the discount code by finding all 3 eggs to get 20% off on any product on our webshop and free Tony Chocolonely bar to celebrate!

But wait, there is one more twist.

3 of the 25 chocolates are wrapped in ‘gold' paper. If you are one of the lucky 3 you will receive €50 gift card.

Let's break down the game plan.

Crack the discount code

How hard can it be to find 3 eggs on the MOYU website?

You could say it's pretty easy. We didn't really 'hide' them, it's more like we 'placed' them in 3 random spots on different pages.

Each egg has a different colour: orange, blue and green. And contains a word. With all 3 you should be able to crack the 20% discount code.

Here's your first hint: our C-Tree-O asked to hide one in his most recent blog post.

Celebrate with a 'golden' chocolate bar

We wrapped our favorite chocolate bar, Tony Chocolonely, in Easter spirit: a little extra gift for the egg-hunting champs.

But knowing you might need an extra push, we thought let's make it more interesting.

There are 25 Chocolate bars, and 3 of them are wrapped in gold (well, gold-looking wrapper to be precise).

Win a €50 gift card

If you are one of the lucky 3 to receive a golden-wrapped chocolate, you can activate it by making an unboxing video of your order.

Basically, we'll trade you a €50 gift card for a video we can post on our Instagram. You don't have to be a video artist or, even star in it if you're camera shy.

10 to 60 seconds vertically recorded on your phone will do. Just make sure it's bright enough so we can clearly see your MOYU order and the golden-wrapped chocolate bar inside the box.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

There are only 25 discount codes & chocolate bars up for grabs.

The clock is ticking. Get to it. Before someone beats you to it!

Game on!

Frequently Expected Questions

Oops, that means 25 people beat you to it.
And, while we can’t do anything about the chocolates being gone, we are happy to give you a new 20% discount as a reward for playing the game. Just send the code you found to, and we will send you a new code. It will be valid until April 9th.

It's not a must. But if you are not camera-shy and love social media, we would obviously love to see your reaction while opening the package.

YES! That's our preferred option. You ideally post on Instagram and tag moyu_notebooks so we can proudly reshare and brag about it. Other social media channel are also ok. Otherwise, send us the video for us to post, and let us know if you want us to tag you as a lucky winner.

You can send the video to If you keep the video below 60 seconds, you should be able to upload it easily. Alternatively, you can send us a WeTransfer link.

Ideally, a maximum of 60 seconds of video filmed horizontally with plenty of light. Make sure it's bright enough so we can clearly see your MOYU order and the golden-wrapped chocolate bar inside the box. If you’re handy with video, have fun making it Instagram reel-worthy.

We will post it on our Instagram to announce you as one of the 3 lucky winners. If you are going to post the video, let us know if you want us to tag you. Alternatively, we will only use your first name without a tag.


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